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Career Coaching that meets your needs

Want to perform at your best in your job? Or are you looking for the best job for you?

I coach executives and managers to enhance their skills and performance. I coach clients in job search to find the best-fit job for them. Contact me for a no-charge initial consultation.

Job Performance

Executive Coaching

Helping executives and managers with Job Performance

Are you looking to step up your performance in your current leadership role or move up to another level?

Would you like to get noticed by your superiors and land that leadership position you’ve been considering?

Do you have direct reports that you would like to coach and develop?

Jess Dods’ Executive coaching expertise can assist you in these areas. Jess has coached executives and managers domestically and internationally to enhance their performance in multiple ways. He holds an MBA in Global Management. Working with Jess will help you take control of your career path by developing a customized plan to fit your individual goals in order to maximize your success.

This coaching process can help you to:

– Expand your job satisfaction

– Create growth opportunities

– Increase chances for promotion into more influential roles and positions

Jess will help you identify key strengths that are critical to success, and work with you to develop and implement a Growth Plan with the outcome of becoming a strong asset and quality leader who is noticed by peers and superiors.

Executive Coaching, using strengths-based methods,  is specifically geared toward bettering one’s relationships with employers and co-workers, utilizing strategies that deliver key messages for organizations, and instruction on the efficient use of resources.

Jess’ experience and certification with a wide range of tools for skills enhancement help with assessing those crucial points that benefit professionals in leadership roles.

By taking the time for an initial no-charge  consultation with Jess Dods you will be:

– Taking the first step to being in control of your own success

– Identifying  the barriers that may be preventing you from achieving  your goals

– Define the ways that you can provide value to your workplace

– Describe the areas that we can enhance

The Executive coaching program is meant to groom and polish those current and future leaders who desire to advance their careers by providing the usage of resources for the maximum benefit of the companies they lead.

If you would like to learn more about my Executive Coaching please reach out to Jess for a consultation. You can Contact Jess via the button below.

Career Coaching

Career Transition Coaching

Has your work life brought you to a place where you are no longer sure which direction to take?

Has your career path taken a turn putting you in between jobs or without a steady income?

Do you feel stifled by your current job?

Want to change careers?

Earn more?

If so, then Jess Dods’ Career Coaching experience and expertise can help you. He brings over 16 years of experience as a Certified Career Coach.

With the Career Coaching process, Jess will help you to assess what it is you want to accomplish in your professional career and to create a plan to find the job that you’re both passionate about and dedicated to. By exploring key strengths, skills, and interests, Jess will help you to hone in on what careers would work best for you. Then once those careers have been identified, Jess will work with you to create a Marketing Plan to maximize your opportunities for finding employment within those career possibilities.

He will also work with you to create an achievement-based resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to maximize your exposure. He can also assist you with interview preparation, both for Traditional and Behavior-based formats.

Armed with focus and clarity on what one is good at and enjoys, clients are able to take charge of their career plans and take actions to ensure job satisfaction and performance.

Jess also provides coaching on workplace assimilation- developing plans on how to integrate into your new workplace comfortably within the first one-hundred days. This gets you off to the best start possible from the beginning so that you are on a path for ongoing success to help you meet your goals.

Career Transition will help you reach your best potential and to transition into the professional career path that brings joy, prosperity and success.

To arrange an initial no-charge consultation, you can Contact Jess via the button below.

Everyone needs a Career Coach!

A great career coach understands your employees’ personal and professional goals and can provide the guidance individuals in transition need to take the next step in their career journeys.

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