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Want to enhance your skills and learn new ways to interact? My Leadership Development and Career Transition coaching can help. I coach executives and managers domestically and internationally to enhance their workplace skills and performance. 


We will work together to:

We will create a career development plan to fit your situation, wants, needs and goals to maximize your success.

Particularly for leaders, taking on new levels of responsibility can be challenging. We will work together to enhance your growth in the new role.

Mastering new skills is critical to your employment success. We will identify those skills to enhance and develop a program specifically designed for you.

Sometimes we can get in a place where we are not sure what to do next. This can lead to being ‘stuck’ in a job, an organization or career. We will work together to identify the best fit for you, and how to get to that place.

Interactions with colleagues, direct reports and superiors can be challenging. We will identify your areas of strength and those areas that we can enhance to improve interactions.

Career advancement is important for all of us. We will work together to ensure that your career advances based on your performance improvement.



In between jobs? Stuck in your current job and want to make a change? We can work to assess your interests and options, then make a plan to help you get there.

We will work together on:

We will look at your skills, interests, personality, strengths and values to enable you to make the best career choice.

We will work on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other social media. My clients also get interview practice to perform at their best during this critical time.

How do you best use your skills and strengths to perform at your best? What are the areas that you need to enhance? We will work together to address these critical questions.

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