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Want to perform at your best in your job?

Searching for the best job for you?

I provide services in these areas:

  • Job search
  • Job performance
  • Career transition
  • Consulting

Contact me for a no-charge initial consultation.

Are you in a job search? Do you need to:

  • Create a resume or LinkedIn profile?
  • Improve interviewing skills?
  • Negotiate salary and benefits?
  • Improve networking skills?
  • Research the market?
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Are you looking to improve your performance in your current role, or move up to another level? Do you need to:

  • Improve job performance reviews?
  • Create growth opportunities?
  • Set and achieve goals?
  • Increase chances for promotion?
  • Identify your key strengths?
  • Expand your job satisfaction?
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Are you looking to change your career path? Are you not sure what you want to do? Do you want to:

  • Learn about the best fit job for you?
  • Understand the market?
  • Perhaps you are in a midlife career change?
  • Need a career change but don’t know what to do?
  • Get started (on boarded) in a new job or career?
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Consulting is a powerful process for maximizing your organization’s effectiveness and productivity.

The focus area for Consulting can include:

  • Working through change initiatives with minimal disruption
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Defining roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding conflict styles and resolution
  • Structuring the organization to achieve the mission
  • Increasing awareness of company culture: the “unwritten rules”
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