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Big Y Foods
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Pratt & Whitney
Judd Wire
Franklin County Technical Schools
Northeast Utilities
Ashcroft, Inc.
Navigant Consulting

Petroleum Services Association of Canada
National Grid
Employers Association
US Government
Northeast Utilities

Client testimonials

“Anyone who works with Jess is fortunate, as they will, as I have been, be well guided, instructed, informed and empowered on their career journey. Thoughtful, gracious, wise and kind, he also holds deep knowledge in the professional and personal process related to career development and the stressful process of transitions.  Timely, patient, a wonderful listener, and one who values dialogue—concerns, doubts are welcome, and Jess lets me see that these inform and move the process forward.  A blessing, Jess is a blessing on the way.” – Dan S

“Everyone needs a coach. I believe an executive coach is a lot like a personal trainer. Sure, I can exercise without one, but a good trainer will help me set the right goals, show me a path to my goals, hold me accountable for my commitments to reaching those goals, and, in the end, help me achieve something I could not have on my own. Jess Dods has done this for me at work, and helped me understand myself more as a leader – what my strengths, weaknesses, and values are. He has helped me think through the challenges and opportunities at my organization. Jess opened my eyes to actions that have made 2011 my strongest year as a leader and contributor to my company.” – Karen K.

“I was in a mediocre position frustrated with underachieving in what I believed was a “defined” career. This frustration and belief I could do better led me by referral to Jess Dods. I am a cynic by nature but in no time at all was incredibly grateful for the advice given with tremendous spirit, insight, focus and empathy. He has enabled me to go forward with purpose and commitment, structuring a career which complements my personal objectives while endorsing my own beliefs…with his practical knowledge and insight I have gained invaluable experience.” – Mark H.

“When I met Jess I was in the process of trying to change career fields. Changing fields, not just jobs, can be a scary and overwhelming process. Jess was invaluable in helping me clarify exactly what I was looking for in a new career. He was very supportive and caring in helping me to better understand my personality and values, so that I could find a career that is a better fit. Jess also helped me identify the kinds of skills I currently have and how they can be translated to be seen as essential and relevant to potential employers.” – Kara T.

“I want to thank you for your efforts and for your participation during our retreat. Your professionalism in getting people on-board was a great start. We now have both concept and vocabulary to smooth communication. Your start in getting them loosened up was critical to the overall success of the retreat. You were a key part of the team. Thanks again.” – Marc G.

“I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I want to thank you so much for your guidance these past two months.” – Bill M.

“Just as an update, after getting a job in July I was called by my previous employer, just 6 months later. I accepted their offer for a Global Business Development Manager position in one of their newer operating companies which is in an enormous state of growth. It’s a unique ground up opportunity backed by huge name recognition. I still appreciate the good advice that you gave me and know that it helped launch me back into my career.” – Geri L.

“Jess has a soothing and methodical way of uncovering one’s true personal and career callings. Jess involves you in your own self discovery. Among many techniques he uses, Jess carefully and patiently walks one through the various outcomes of the many temperament and career skills tests via clear and individually tailored follow-up questions and explanations of test results, which have immediate real world applications for the individual.” – Joshua P.

“Jess was instrumental in helping me identify my long term career interests through a series of objective evaluations. Jess was able to help me align my strengths and experiences with specific companies and job opportunities. His systematic process of determining interests, identifying target companies, and developing a top tier resume to market myself were critical to my success landing my number one job prospect. It was obvious from day one that Jess was personally committed to helping me meet my objectives. If you are looking to get results and develop skills that will last you long after your job search, then Jess is the person for you!!!” – Ken L.

“I wanted to thank you for all of your valuable assistance without which I would never have had the confidence to obtain this very competitive position.” – Chris C.

“Reflecting on it often, the coaching process with you and the whole process have brought some very valuable insights. You helped me uncover places that were hidden because I put my own limitations on them. I’m still challenged by my work but extremely thankful to have realized that I can choose to work with it and, if necessary, change it.” – Kirk S.

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