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Well-run meetings are good for your career (part 1)

In the last newsletter, I talked about presentations, which started me thinking about just where and when presentations occur. Most of the time, it’s in a meeting, so I have put together some information on creating effective meetings that I hope will be helpful. Like presentations, meetings can take different forms and contribute to workplace success or failure on many levels. 

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Dealing with distraction in the workplace

“Should I read this?” you ask yourself.
“I’d better,” you think.
“But I have a lot to do….
“I know! I’ll do both things at once.”

Sound familiar? In our modern world of information and increased access to it, and to us by information, we are more prone to being distracted than ever before. But what can we do about it? 

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Career Vision

Creating your own personal career vision

While we all work day today, it’s important to have a longer-term personal career vision and goals. There are some good reasons for this:

  • Working towards something is a natural tendency for people
  • The daily grind can be less of a hassle when your focus is on a goal
  • You are more likely to be successful in your career

Why have a vision?

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How do you relate to your work?

People relate differently to their work. Some folks can’t wait to get to the office or other work place, others can’t wait to go home. Sometimes this is connected to age, sometimes to the recognition and respect we get (or don’t get) from our work, and sometimes to external events over which we have no control.

This brief questionnaire will help you develop a sense of your own feeling about your work, and how you relate to it.

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