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Is it time for a change?

Not everyone is at the same place with their career or job. My Career Transition Coaching work is customized to fit your needs and situation.

Here are some areas where I help clients get confidence in their choices and achieve best performance:

  • Defining your career options- what do you want to do?
  • Job search assistance- how do you get the job you want?
  • Performance coaching- set and achieve your goals; get that promotion
  • Assimilation- getting off to the best start in your new job
  • International postings- cross-cultural orientation

I meet with you in-person (depending on your location), by phone, or Skype and email.

Career Transition CoachingDefining your career options – what do you want to do?

  • Based on your skills and strengths, what is a good fit?
  • What are the next best steps in your career?
  • What is the availability in the marketplace?
  • What is your future career path?

Job search assistance – Career Transition Coaching

  • Marketing strategy: How to prepare and implement a plan to present yourself
  • Verbal communication: I will help describe you in a way that is readily understood
  • Written materials: Resumes in all formats; social media content as needed, cover letters
  • Interview preparation: how to answer interview questions to set yourself apart

Performance coaching – set and achieve goals/ get that promotion

Maybe you’re looking for a promotion, or you want to enhance your skills. With performance coaching, we will review your situation, determine and implement the best way forward for you.


If you have just started a new position, we can work on setting your base in the important first 100 days. This will get you off to the best start, and lead to ongoing successes in your job, as you set and achieve your goals.

International postings

If you are going to a foreign posting, I help you to adapt to the local culture and perform at your best in that setting.

Let’s get started with the coaching process

  1. Initial complimentary career transition coaching meeting in-person, on the phone or Skype to determine fit and approach to your situation
  2. Agree on program elements, goals, metrics, schedule, fees
  3. Begin assignment, measure progress against goals

Contact Jess for a complimentary initial consultation.

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