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Are you tired of the same old job, out of work, or just ready for a change,

 if so, the answer is at your fingertips?


If you have been stuck in a rut and ready for something new, well then do I have the answer for you.


Hi, my name is Jess Dods, I am a Career Transition Coach. I am here to help you transition from your current career path into the next more promising chapter of your career. 


There are plenty of people out there just like you, unhappy with the way things are going with their career, and thinking they are stuck. My guess is you are looking for help. 


Simply complete the form above and I will get back to you promptly for a no fee consultation. What are you waiting for?

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Client Testimonials

“Everyone needs a coach. I believe an executive coach is a lot like a personal trainer. Sure, I can exercise without one, but a good trainer will help me set the right goals, show me a path to my goals, hold me accountable for my commitments to reaching those goals, and, in the end, help me achieve something I could not have on my own. Jess Dods has done this for me at work, and helped me understand myself more as a leader – what my strengths, weaknesses, and values are. He has helped me think through the challenges and opportunities at my organization. Jess opened my eyes to actions that have made 2011 my strongest year as a leader and contributor to my company.” – Karen K.

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