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Is it time for a
Career Change

Feeling stuck in your current career? Are you ready for a career transition? 

If yes, I can help.


Not everyone is at the same place with their career or job. My Career Transition Coaching work is customized to fit your needs and situation.

I will help you with:

-Defining your career options - what do you want to do?
-Job search assistance - how do you get the job you want?
-Performance coaching - set and achieve your goals; get that promotion
-Assimilation - getting off to the best start in your new job
-International postings - cross-cultural orientation

I meet with you in-person (depending on your location), by phone, or Skype and email.

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Address : 34 High St, Southampton, MA 01073, USA
Telephone : (413) 977-9273


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