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Introversion and extroversion in the workplace

Understanding your personality can improve workplace interactions

Have you ever wondered why we can talk easily with some people and not with others?

In this article, we’ll look at one measure that can be very helpful: understanding your preference for extroversion or introversion and how this impacts your discussions and interactions with others.

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Values At Work

In my previous newsletter I mentioned values as being an important part of work. This newsletter expands on that idea and gives you an exercise to clarify your own values as they relate to your work.

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Woman With Negative Emotions

Understanding and dealing with negative emotions

Expressing feelings, including negative emotions, is a big part of the human emotional experience. But, we avoid negative emotions …for four basic, and very intuitive reasons:

  1. They are unpleasant
  2. They represent getting stuck in a rut
  3. They are associated with a loss of personal control
  4. They are perceived (generally correctly!) as having social costs.

That said, we can and do want to deal with these emotions in effective ways. All emotions, positive and negative, can be seen as information for us. (Kashdan & Biswas-Diener, 2014)

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Strengths Use at Work Scale

One of the most effective and rapid measures of job satisfaction, and its impact on your life, is whether or not you are using your strengths. You can look at this as: “The genie doesn’t like to stay in the bottle.”

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Office politics

Surviving in your organization

First and foremost, every organization, regardless of its mission or industry, has some sort of politics that functions as an inhibitor of certain behaviors and a reward for others. While politics can sometimes contribute to efficiency, we generally focus on the negative aspects, as these can have a great impact on our careers.

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More on mindfulness

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

In an email sent out just a year ago, I was discussing mindfulness and I was very happy to receive many emails from readers with good things to say about the practice of mindfulness.

I have continued to learn more about mindfulness and its practical application in our busy lives. This email will expand on the practice with an example that may be relevant to many readers. Let’s start with some basics:

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