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How do you relate to your work?

People relate differently to their work. Some folks can’t wait to get to the office or other work place, others can’t wait to go home. Sometimes this is connected to age, sometimes to the recognition and respect we get (or don’t get) from our work, and sometimes to external events over which we have no control.

This brief questionnaire will help you develop a sense of your own feeling about your work, and how you relate to it.

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Are you using your strengths?

Strengths Use At Work and Life Scale

One of the most effective and rapid measures of job satisfaction, and life, is whether or not you are using your strengths. You can look at this as: “The genie doesn’t like to stay in the bottle.”

Try this brief survey that can help you see if your strengths are being used in various situations.

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Communication for success

Ever notice how it seems easier to have conversations with certain people, while other’s eyes glaze over when you are presenting an idea? This article looks at some possible reasons for this, and gives you some ways to improve your conversation and presentation skills. 

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Take this job and love it

How to enjoy what you do…

In my work as a career coach, I sometimes hear clients say that making more money is all that they would need to like their job. While money is an important factor in our overall life and work, money alone will not lead to real and lasting job satisfaction. And I am frequently reminded of the saying: “Expenses rise to meet income.” 

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