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Finally Find Out If You Really Enjoy Your Work Or If It Is Time To Find A New Job

Finally find out if you really enjoy your work or if it is time to find a new job

So just what does it mean to enjoy your work? While we all have slightly different ways to measure this, there are some widely-known measures. Here’s a quick self-survey that can be very helpful in gaining some clarity.

Score each of these items from 1-10, where 10 is the highest possible:

  • My work is interesting to me
  • It provides me with a chance for advancement
  • My work fits with my strengths
  • Compensation is in line with my expectations
  • My position fits with my educational level
  • It fits with my skills
  • The future of the industry sector is promising
  • The organization is strong
  • My vision fits with the organization’s vision
  • My ‘gut level feel’ for the job is positive
  • The job is a good fit for my personality
  • It is a good fit with my personal values

Evaluating your work

Are you not sure what’s meant by your strengths, skills and values? Here are some definitions:

Strengths: things that come naturally to you.
Skills: things that you have learned to do.
Values: things that are important to you.

Enjoy your work
Do you enjoy your work?

The maximum score here is 120, and an overall score of less than 60 may warrant further investigation into whether your current position is a good fit for you.

But pay special attention to those individual items that score the lowest for you. What can you change? What can you do differently? This is a starting point for increasing your enjoyment at work. These self-questions can be very empowering.

If you’ve had another job in the past, it may be useful to rank that position using the same questionnaire above and also by reflecting: What was your overall sense of satisfaction with that job? What’s present or missing now? It all starts with getting clarity on what you have, or need.

As always, please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or questions.


Jess Dods

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