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Perform at Your Best

Want to enhance your skills and learn new ways to interact? My Leadership Development and Career Transition coaching can help. I coach executives and managers domestically and internationally to enhance their workplace skills and performance.

Only few job seekers are confident about their skills – According to theundercoverrecruiter

Only 56% of job seekers are confident that they know the skills required for employment.1

Only few job seekers practice for the interview – According to Inspireeducation

of hiring managers rank interviewing skills as necessary for success in obtaining employment with their company. But only 63% of job seekers actually practice for the interview.2

Role of Career coaching to build accountability – According to Bloomberg View.

After 12 weeks of unemployment job seekers decrease their time spent on the job search every day by 30 minutes.3




Leadership Development

Helping executives and managers with Leadership Development

Do you want to enhance your leadership abilities? Do you feel like your team isn’t listening to you? Are you tired of feeling like your employees don’t like you? If yes, leadership development is for you.

Leadership DevelopmentLeadership development is a powerful, highly effective and personal process. We will work together to plan and set your objectives and systematically work towards your goals, providing a measurable return on your investment. I work at the individual and organization levels.

Senior-level executive leadership coaching focuses on

  • Developing versatility and leadership styles to meet the organization’s needs
  • Guiding management teams through internal organization changes
  • Bringing leaders up to speed in new roles and responsibilities
  • Providing a sounding board during difficult periods
  • Developing approaches to meet external challenges
  • Delivering the organization’s message to stakeholders
  • Enhancing interpersonal communications
  • Balancing demands on time and resources
  • Implementing strategies

We will work together to focus on the areas for learning that provide the greatest advantage to you and your organization:

  • Take charge of your career path: We will create a career development plan to fit your situation, wants, needs and goals to maximize your success.
  • Assimilate into new roles: Particularly for leaders, taking on new levels of responsibility can be challenging. We will work together to enhance your growth in the new role.
  • Master new skills: Mastering new skills is critical to your employment success. We will identify those skills to enhance and develop a program specifically designed for you.
  • Get ‘unstuck’: Sometimes we can get in a place where we are not sure what to do next. This can lead to being ‘stuck’ in a job, an organization or career. We will work together to identify the best fit for you, and how to get to that place.
  • Improve interactions: Interactions with colleagues, direct reports and superiors can be challenging. We will identify your areas of strength and those areas that we can enhance to improve interactions.
  • Become a leader who gets noticed and promoted: Career advancement is important for all of us. We will work together to ensure that your career advances based on your performance improvement.

I am highly experienced in the use of a range of tools to enhance skills and learning for executives and managers, including personality measures, 360 feedback tools, skills and values assessments.


A great transition coach understands your employees’ personal and professional goals and can provide the guidance individuals in transition need to take the next step in their career journeys.

Career Transition Coaching

Stuck in your current job? In between jobs? Stuck in your current job and want to make a change? We can work to assess your interests and options, then make a plan to help you get there.

We will work together on:

  • Defining career options: We will look at your skills, interests, personality, strengths and values to enable you to make the best career choice.
  • Job search assistance: We will work on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and other social media. My clients also get interview practice to perform at their best during this critical time.
  • Performance coaching: How do you best use your skills and strengths to perform at your best? What are the areas that you need to enhance? We will work together to address these critical questions.

Job search assistance – Career Transition Coaching

  • Marketing strategy: How to prepare and implement a plan to present yourself
  • Verbal communication: I will help describe you in a way that is readily understood
  • Written materials: Resumes in all formats; social media content as needed, cover letters
  • Interview preparation: how to answer interview questions to set yourself apart

Performance coaching – set and achieve goals/ get that promotion

Maybe you’re looking for a promotion, or you want to enhance your skills. With performance coaching, we will review your situation, determine and implement the best way forward for you.


If you have just started a new position, we can work on setting your base in the important first 100 days. This will get you off to the best start, and lead to ongoing successes in your job, as you set and achieve your goals.

International postings

If you are going to a foreign posting, I help you to adapt to the local culture and perform at your best in that setting.

Let’s get started with the coaching process

  1. Initial complimentary career transition coaching meeting in-person, on the phone or Skype to determine fit and approach to your situation
  2. Agree on program elements, goals, metrics, schedule, fees
  3. Begin assignment, measure progress against goals

Contact Jess for a complimentary initial consultation.

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