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How do you relate to your work?

People relate differently to their work. Some folks can’t wait to get to the office or other work place, others can’t wait to go home. Sometimes this is connected to age, sometimes to the recognition and respect we get (or don’t get) from our work, and sometimes to external events over which we have no control.

This brief questionnaire will help you develop a sense of your own feeling about your work, and how you relate to it. Please indicate your agreement with each of the following statements.

Use a 1-5 scale, where:

1= Disagree
2= Slightly disagree
3= Neutral
4= Slightly agree
5= Agree

1. _____ I am satisfied with my job

2. _____ I regularly learn something new at my work

3. _____ I feel that my work contributes in some way to my community or to the world

4. _____ I like my colleagues

5. _____There is someone at work who supports or encourages me

6. _____ At work, I often have the opportunity to do what I do best

7. _____ I look forward to going to work

8. _____ I would recommend my line of work to a friend

9. _____ I would like to stay in my current line of work

10. _____ My work fulfills some of my personal values

Now, simply add up your scores. Here are some guidelines:

40-50: If you scored in this range, you likely find much about your work that is meaningful, likeable and

21-39: This is the average range. Many people who score in this range have some complaints about their
work. Sometimes they can feel disappointed about their jobs.

10-20: People who score in this range generally wish that they could find another job that is more

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