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As a long-term coach and Interpersonal Communication Training consultant, I am well-versed in career and organization issues and trends, and their impact on individual and organization performance.

I am available to give talks in several areas to improve employee understanding and awareness, to promote better interpersonal communication and increase organization effectiveness. In these interpersonal communication training sessions, I encourage attendees to participate, to spread their own knowledge within the group. These areas include:

Using your interpersonal communication training in the workplace

interpersonal communication trainingStrengths are those things that come naturally to us. They are sometimes called talents. We use our strengths at work, at home, at play, everywhere and every day. Because they are so automatic, we often can’t easily describe them. As we become more aware of our strengths, we can actually use them to greater advantage in all areas of our lives. And “Tell me about your strengths” is a common interview question that we need to be able to answer well.

Job search fundamentals

While we live in an age of increasing electronic communication, in a job search personal interaction is still the most important component of a successful search. Being able to describe how you add value when networking and when interviewing is critically important. I also describe the best approaches to written materials, creating and implementing a marketing plan.

Soft Skills

This interpersonal communication training  session can be tailored to your organization, based on the culture and areas of strength and discord. The fundamentals are based on self-awareness and the awareness that we all see the world in our own terms. I discuss styles of handling conflicts, and set up audience participation in different scenarios. I can also administer the DiSC tool for this talk, to give attendees a better idea of their style.

Contact me for a complimentary initial consultation.

Testimonials from Speaking Events

“I wanted to tell you that at our regular Thursday Job and Career group meeting this morning, two of our patrons that also attended your presentation last night came up to me to say how good they thought it was.  Also, the evaluation forms we received from those attending were very positive.  One patron specifically mentioned that this should have been a ‘two evening event’.”

“Thank you so much for an outstanding interpersonal communication training session. The group really enjoyed all the handouts and the process for assessing their strengths. I have not seen the final tally on the evaluations but at a glance they were excellent.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the career coaching classes.  When this opportunity was presented to me I envisioned a somewhat boring class of reading text books and lots of scary role playing.  Instead I was able to take away many great tips on job searching, writing a perfect resume, the importance of networking, and many great sites to seek a new career! Yes, we did some role playing but it was not scary at all, (well, maybe a little) and actually helped me in my own interview I had scheduled that afternoon.

“The  classes were also a great place to sit with my fellow peers who are also facing the same impending termination and just support one another and talk. It’s nice to realize you are not alone and that there are others who share the same frustrations. Being able to just talk everything out really helped to alleviate some of the stress.”

“I will be taking away  a lot of information from this class and valuable tools that will help me throughout my career, and for that I am thankful.  I haven’t met many career coaches in my life (you’re actually the first) but I am pretty sure we got the best of the best.  It was a pleasure to meet you and I wish you the best and continued success in life and your career. “

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