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Would you like to be more effective as an executive or manager? Would you like to improve your performance as an executive or manager?

If your answer is “YES” then call me at (413) 977-9273 for a no charge initial consultation.

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect from working with me as your executive coach.

  • I will help you gain clarity and perspective.
  • Uncover and clearly define your passion.
  • Define your goal(s) and your “why.”
  • Understand and use your unique strengths.
  • Put it all together and make it all happen.

I work with motivated and committed individuals who are eager to gain the clarity and courage to lead themselves and others with confidence. With my executive coaching, we will review your situation, determine and implement a plan that will work for you.


Coaching That Helps You Achieve Peak Performance

If you are in a manager or executive and want to enhance your skills and performance, I bring significant experience coaching clients at your level as well as my own experience as an executive and manager to help you advance your career.

What My Clients Say

”Everyone needs a coach. I believe an executive coach is a lot like a personal trainer. Sure, I can exercise without one, but a good trainer will help me set the right goals, show me a path to my goals, hold me accountable for my commitments to reaching those goals, and, in the end, help me achieve something I could not have on my own. Jess Dods has done this for me at work, and helped me understand myself more as a leader – what my strengths, weaknesses, and values are. He has helped me think through the challenges and opportunities at my organization. Jess opened my eyes to actions that have made 2011 my strongest year as a leader and contributor to my company.”

- Karen K. -

”Reflecting on it often, the coaching process with you and the whole process have brought some very valuable insights. You helped me uncover places that were hidden because I put my own limitations on them. I’m still challenged by my work but extremely thankful to have realized that I can choose to work with it and, if necessary, change it.”

- Kirk S. -


Want to perform at your peak as a manager or executive?

Call me today at (413) 977-9273 for a no charge initial consultation. You have nothing to lose.

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