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Helping executives and managers with Leadership Development

Do you want to enhance your leadership abilities? Do you feel like your team isn’t listening to you? Are you tired of feeling like your employees don’t like you? If yes, leadership development is for you.  

Leadership DevelopmentLeadership development is a powerful, highly effective and personal process. We will work together to plan and set your objectives and systematically work towards your goals, providing a measurable return on your investment. I work at the individual and organization levels.

Senior-level executive leadership coaching focuses on

  • Developing versatility and leadership styles to meet the organization’s needs
  • Guiding management teams through internal organization changes
  • Bringing leaders up to speed in new roles and responsibilities
  • Providing a sounding board during difficult periods
  • Developing approaches to meet external challenges
  • Delivering the organization’s message to stakeholders
  • Enhancing interpersonal communications
  • Balancing demands on time and resources
  • Implementing strategies

We will work together to focus on the areas for learning that provide the greatest advantage to you and your organization.

I am highly experienced in the use of a range of tools to enhance skills and learning for executives and managers, including personality measures, 360 feedback tools, skills and values assessments.

Contact Jess for a complimentary initial consultation.

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